E*VALUE Optimization Scheduling (EVOS)

Assignment to Required Core Clinical Experiences (CCE), Advanced Studies (AS) Rotations and Flexible Clinical Experiences (FCE) are handled through the Office of Student Affairs using a computer-based lottery program called EVOS.

Additional information about the lottery program is sent via email to the students.

CCE Lottery Thematic Sections: Opens late January, closes early February
Clerkship Assignments: Released early March, closes mid-March
AS Lottery Opens early January, Closes mid-January
FCE Lottery Opens mid-March for approximately one week

Students with dependent children living with them who would like to be considered for exemption of a Berkshire or Cape Cod rotation must self-identify in the pre-registration survey and send an email to OSA before entering lottery choices.  Approval for a site exemption must be received before you enter any lottery choices.  Students will receive email notification of exemption upon approval. 

While the computer tries to honor student preferences, no guarantee can be made that a student’s preferences will be reflected in actual rotation assignments. In addition, some core clerkships make more specific assignments following the lottery; students are responsible for monitoring and answering their email promptly with regard to these assignments.

Once choices are submitted, students cannot change their requests. Questions regarding the optimization process should be directed to Student Affairs.