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Residency Application Advisors

Residency Application Advisors are available to advise students who are certain that they are applying in a given specialty. Often the Residency Application Advisor is an initial point of contact and they may assign students applying in their field to an individual faculty advisor in the department.

Students who are undecided and want to learn more about the field should contact their House Specialty Advisor:


  • J. Aaron Scott, DO, Program Director
  • Danielle Birmingham, MD, Associate Program Director
  • Jason Vandoros, MD, MS4 Rotation Director
  • Julia Parzych, MD, MS3 Rotation Director


  • Patrick Mulvaney, MD, Program Director
  • Leah Belazarian, MD, Assistant Program Director
  • Dori Goldberg, MD, Assistant Program Director

Emergency Medicine (Worcester): 

  • Richard Church, MD, Program Director
  • Viral Patel, MD, Associate Program Director
  • Alexandra Nordberg, MD, Assistant Program Director
  • Simi Jandu, MD, Med Ed fellow

Emergency Medicine (Baystate): 

  • Adam Kellogg, MD, Program Director
  • Lucienne Lutfy-Clayton, MD, Chief of EM Service
  • Liza Smith, MD, Clerkship Director

Family Medicine (Worcester): 

  • Virginia (Ginny) Van Duyne, MD, Program Director, Worcester Family Medicine Residency
  • Frank Domino, MD, Director of Family Medicine Predoctoral Education

Family Medicine (Fitchburg):

  • Beth Mazyck, MD, Program Director, Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency

Family Medicine (Baystate/Greenfield):

  • Chandra Hartman, MD, Program Director
  • Nathan Macedo, MD, Associate Program Director
  • Robert Baldor, MD, Department Chair

General Surgery (Worcester): 

  • Jennifer (Jen) LaFemina, MD, Program Director
  • James (Jim) Carroll, MD, Clerkship Director
  • Anne Larkin, MD, former Program Director

General Surgery (Baystate): 

  • Neal Seymour, MD, Program Director
  • David Tashjian, MD (Pediatric Surgery), Associate Program Director 
  • Gladys Fernandez, MD, Assistant Program Director
  • Azad Jabiev, MD, Surgery Clerkship Director, PURCH Track
  • Jacqueline Wu, MD, Faculty 

Internal Medicine:

  • Scott Kopec, MD, Program Director
  • Beth Murphy, MD, Program Director Primary Care Track
  • Pang-Yen (P-Y) Fan, MD, Vice Chair for Education
  • Associate Program Directors: Maria Garcia, MD; Christine MacGinnis, DO; Christine Donahue, MD; Andrea Poisson-Irani, MD; Prashant Veerreddy, MD; Jeeva Subramanian, MD
  • Master Clinician Educators: Christine MacGinnis, DO; Nancy Lee, MD; Majid Yazdani, MD; Jonathan Min, MD; Richard Leslie, MD 
  • Faculty: Nancy Skehan, MD; Michael Kalfopoulos, MD; Laura Hallett, MD; Lara Kovell, MD; Vandana Nagpal, MD; Rick Forster, MD

Medicine/Pediatrics (Worcester): 

  • John Solomonides, MD, Program Director
  • David Fish, MD, Med/Peds Division Director

Medicine/Pediatrics (Baystate): 

  • Maura Muñoz, MD, Program Director
  • Natalya Maharaj, MD, Associate Program Director


  • Kate Daniello, MD, Program Director
  • Raphael A. Carandang, MD, former Program Director


  • Mark Johnson, MD, PhD, Program Director and Department Chair

OB/GYN (Worcester): 

  • Elizabeth Allocco, MD, Program Director
  • Tara Kumaraswami, MD, Associate Program Director
  • Kelsey Mantoni, MD, Assistant Program Director
  • Dhivya Kannabiran, MD, Clerkship Director

OB/GYN (Baystate): 

  • Jacqueline S. Kates, MD, Program Director
  • Carolyn Delk, DO, Associate Program Director
  • Kimberly Marakovits, DO, Associate Program Director


  • Johanna Seddon, MD, Program Director
  • Benjamin Botsford, MD, Associate Program Director


  • Nicola (Nick) DeAngelis, MD, Program Director
  • Marci Jones, MD, Vice Chair of Educaiton
  • Anthony (Tony) Teebagy, MD, Faculty


  • Christopher Ito, MD, Program Director
  • Arvind Badhey. MD, Associate Program Director


  • Dina Kandil, MD, Program Director

Pediatrics (Worcester):

  • Michael Fahey, MD, Program Director
  • Christina (Tina) Hermos, MD, Associate Program Director
  • Kathryn (Kate) Wynne, MD, Associate Program Director
  • William (Jerry) Durbin, former Program Director
  • Timothy (Tim) Gibson, MD, Faculty

Pediatrics (Baystate):

  • Molly Senn-McNally, MD, Program Director
  • Ken Bujold, DO, Associate Program Director
  • Jacquie Fable, MD, Associate Program Director
  • Kim Marohn, MD, Associate Program Director

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (no residency program currently at UMass):

  • Faren Williams, MD, Division Chief
  • Andrew Duarte, MD, Faculty

Plastic Surgery:

  • Janice Lalikos, MD, Program Director
  • Joyce McIntyre, MD, Associate Program Director

  • Douglas Rothkopf, MD, Division Chief, former Program Director

Psychiatry (Worcester):

  • Auralyd Padilla Candelario, MD, Program Director
  • Elizabeth DeGrush, DO, Associate Program Director
  • Sheldon Benjamin, MD, Vice Chair for Education
  • Brian Skehan, MD, Child Psychiatry

Psychiatry (Baystate):

  • Steven Fischel, MD, PhD, Program Director, Psychiatry Residency Program
  • Sonia Riyaz, MD, Associate Program Director
  • Flannery Merideth, MD, Fellowship Director
  • Deepika Sundararaj, MD, Associate Fellowship Director and Clerkship Director

Radiology, Diagnostic (Worcester):

  • George (Chip) Watts, MD, Program Director
  • Carolyn Dupuis, MD, Associate Program Director

Radiology, Diagnostic (Baystate):

  • Martha Lopez, MD, Associate Program Director
  • Christopher Mudge, MD, Faculty 

Radiation Oncology (No residency program currently at UMass Chan):

  • Thomas (TJ) Fitzgerald, MD, Department Chair

Radiology, Interventional

  • Lauren Ferrara, MD, Program Director
  • Jojo Yebo, MD, Assistant Program Director


  • Jennifer Yates, MD, Program Director
  • Jennifer Fantasia, MD, Clerkship Director
  • Joseph (Joe) McQuaid, MD, Faculty

Vascular Surgery:

  • Jessica Simons, MD, Program Director
  • Emily Fan, MD, Faculty

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