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Vista: Empowering learning for the future

Mission: The mission of the T.H. Chan School of Medicine Vista Curriculum is to develop a contemporary and innovative curriculum that promotes curiosity and inquiry, empowers learners and enables future physician leaders to equitably and expertly care for diverse patient populations.   

 The new UMass Chan curriculum is designed to: 

  • Attract and support a diverse student body 
  • Develop expertise and application of biomedical, clinical and health system sciences  
  • Foster commitment to service and advocacy for patients and populations 
  • Apply modern educational practices and engaged pedagogy 
  • Promote collaboration with peers, interprofessional colleagues and faculty 
  • Address the impact of social determinants of health, racism and bias on healthcare access and delivery 
  • Leverage technology to improve learning and the care of patients and populations 
  • Stimulate self-directed and self-informed learning and professional identity formation 
  • Anticipate and adapt smoothly with the evolution of medicine and healthcare
  • Nurture innovation, scholarship and discovery in our learning environment 

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