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Welcome to the Office of Student Life at UMass Chan!

Welcome from the UMass Chan Office of Student Life (OSL)! Our team is honored to support all UMass Chan learners through this new journey.

OSL aids students, like you, with all aspects of their UMass Chan pursuits and endeavors. Whether it is with transitioning during orientation, highlighting student organization engagement opportunities, assisting with personal or academic challenges, promoting holistic wellness, or managing the learning environment, the OSL staff is ready to help you with whatever you need.

Your well-being, sense of belonging, and success is of utmost importance to us. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team with any questions, comments, or concerns. Once again, Welcome to UMass Chan! We look forward to connecting with you. Thanks, and be well!

Mission Statement

The UMass Chan Office of Student Life supports students’ holistic wellness, sense of belonging, and success. 

Vision Statements

  • We connect students with the resources to promote their academic achievement and success.
  • We advocate for and work towards a more equitable and inclusive campus community.
  • We help students recognize and understand how to use their public health education to address societal equity issues.
  • We provide a brave space for students to gather, share, and build connection with others.
  • We encourage students to learn about and get integrated into the City of Worcester and Massachusetts.
  • We bridge the gap between students and campus and community resources.
  • We provide holistic coaching and mentoring for students to empower them to navigate life challenges.
  • We facilitate engagement opportunities to cultivate cohesion and students’ interpersonal and intraprofessional growth.

Meet the Office of Student Life Team!

Dr. Alan Acosta, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life, Director of Positive Learning Environments,
Carla Delacruz Davila, Program Coordinator, Diversity & Student Success, Case Manager, Coaching Program,
Eric White, Project Coordinator

Contact Information:
Office: S1-400

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UMass Chan Information Technology

Concerned for a Student?

Report Mistreatment

UMass Chan prioritizes respectful treatment of all members of our community. For concerns about mistreatment in the learning environment, please click the link above.