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PURCH Educators & Administrators

This list is provided to support communication regarding the School of Medicine Curriculum. Table is updated periodically. Updated 6/3/2021

Please send any updates to Mirela Skaka at

Core PURCH Educators & Administrators 

  Last Name  First Name  Role 
Office Staff Hinchey Kevin  Senior Associate Dean of UME BHS
Borden Samuel Assistant Dean for Admissions 
Alroumi Fahad DCS Course Director 
Sicard Jane Associate Director of Healthcare Education
Belforti Raquel Co-Chair, UME BHS
Gonzalez Brittner DCS Faculty 
Kleppel Reva DCS Faculty 
Villarroel Nadia DCS Faculty 
Walker Durane DCS Faculty 
Cisera Latirah PURCH Program Coordinator
Family Medicine Silverman Stephanie Clerkship Director
Caouette Rhonda Administrator
Internal Medicine Belforti Raquel Clerkship Director
Slowick Laura Administrator
OB/GYN Morgan Elizabeth Clerkship Director
Selander Christine Administrator
Pediatrics Marrese Christine Clerkship Director
Calvanese Bethanie Administrator
Psychiatry Riyaz Sonia Clerkship Director
Diaz Adaliz Administrator
Surgery Fernandez Gladys Clerkship Director
Fuentes-Negron  Margarita Administrator
Neurology Otis James Clerkship Co-Director
Panjwani Sharjeel Clerkship Co-Director
Ortiz Sheila Administrator