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Letter to our Community from our Students

Dear Students,
With the recent Executive Order on Immigration, many of you have had questions, have sought advice and counsel, and have looked to our community for support.  In addition to the communications that have been sent by our leadership, Chancellor Collins recently wrote an op-ed piece in STAT, that we link to here, for you to read.  I also would like to share with you a letter that your peers have written, on behalf of some of our Student Interest Groups at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
During times of confusion and uncertainty, the relationships that we form and the community that surrounds us are sources of strength, compassion and caring. We hope that you know this, and feel comfortable in reaching out to your peers as well as your faculty and staff.
For students who wish confidential counseling services, the Student Counseling Service is available at 508-856-3220. The link to their website is here.
Our Immigration Services are also available to answer questions. A great deal of information is available on their website, including contact information for specific inquiries.

Best regards,
Sonia Nagy Chimienti, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
School of Medicine

Solidarity Week for Compassionate Patient Care: February 13-17

The Gold Humanism Honor Society is sponsoring Solidarity Week, a nationwide event promoting person-centered care. Participating MS2-MS4s will ask patients about their strengths, values, and passions, completing "Tell Me More" cards of the answers to be hung at bedside. There will also a poster of anonymized quotes outside the University cafeteria. Stop by to celebrate our patients as individuals! For more information on the event, please visit our website.

solidarity week

Upcoming Events

Capstone Presentation Day – March 6
The Capstone Scholarship and Discovery Presentation is the culmination of a required four year Course for Medical students, in which each student completes an individualized scholarly project building on a personal passion as it relates to medicine. Topics range from patient advocacy, medical instruction or farm-to-table systems to pathogenesis of disease and are represented as short talks or posters.

Latest News

Welcome Message

Chimienti imageWelcome to the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and to the Office of Student Affairs!  We are delighted to share this incredible journey with you, providing you with a supportive learning environment and guiding you through your years of medical training. Our team works in partnership with your Learning Communities Mentors and the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education to ensure that you receive the academic and personal support that you need in order to meet your educational goals, and to holistically support your professional development as a physician.

Our office coordinates many events that will be memorable milestones in your career development, including the White Coat Ceremony, the Second Year Oath Ceremony, and of course, Match Day and Graduation! Along the way to each of these events, we are here to assist you with planning your pre-clinical electives, Core Clinical Experiences, Advanced Studies electives both at home and away, transitional experiences throughout your training, and individualized career pathways, including 5th Year Options, and if needed, leaves of absence.  Your well-being and career balance are of paramount importance to our team; as such, we are committed to working with you to support you throughout your training.

Once again, welcome to UMass!  Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions about student life at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Wishing you well,

Sonia Nagy Chimienti, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
School of Medicine

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