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Away Elective Requirements in VSAS

The information detailed below is meant to assist you in gathering the items you may need to complete your visiting student applications. Most visiting student applications are managed through the AAMC's Visiting Student Application Service (known as VSAS). Please plan to start compiling appropriate documentation in the months leading up to the application deadlines.

Requirement Campus Resource
Additional Details


Student Health Services

AAMC Standard Immunization Form

MMR titer, quantiferon gold, hep b titer. Email Student Health what labs you want so they can put in the forms, then go to the lab anytime to have them drawn. Student Health will also sign the AAMC Standardized Immunization Form.

*Keep in mind some schools may require their own immunization forms, refer to the school’s VSAS site and school website.

BLS Certification Card

Find the certification courses here.

Costs $7.50 (+$25 for rush arrival), but rush shipping may not be necessary.

Criminal Background Checks (CBC)

Office of Student Affairs

*National Background Checks will only be run if necessary OSA may require proof of the type (state or national) of CBC that a school requires.  Please check with your away school to see if they will accept the CORI (MA specific background check).

Please view consent forms and additional information here. 

Please bring to the office or email your consent forms and a copy of your state issued ID (driver's license or UMMS ID) to Student Affairs

Completed background checks must be picked up in person by the student.


To be completed within the Annual Regulatory Training Modules

Please note all Annual Regulatory Training items are required for UMMS students.


Find a useful guide/sample CV here. 

Best practice is review and update your CV regularly leading up to the application deadline.

Urine Drug Screen (UDS)

Employee Health Services
University Campus

Employee Health requires students to call ahead to make an appointment for a urine drug screen.

Additional Information and Consent Form available here. 

N95 Fit Testing Documentation

Environmental Health & Safety
University Campus

 Mask fit testing is required to be completed annually.

*Other items may be required, as each school has different requirements for visiting students.  Students should be sure to check VSAS, and the school’s website directly to confirm what is required for their visiting student application.