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Recent Publications

Importance of tumor subtypes in cancer imaging. Ali Khader, Marta Braschi-Amirfarzan, Lacey J.McIntosh, Babina Gosangi, Jeremy R.Wortman, ChristophWald, Richard Thomas. European Journal of Radiology Open. Volume 9, 2022, 100433.

Virtual Strategies for Residency Recruitment –Social media, virtual events and online interviews help identify potential applicants to radiology residency programs. Article authored by Jennie McKee featuring video and information from Carolynn DeBenedectis, Sameer Hanfi and Alex Newbury. RSNA News, 12 July 2022.

Early-stage COVID-19 pandemic observations on pulmonary embolism using nationwide multi-institutional data harvesting. Axel Wismüller, Adora M. DSouza, Anas Z. Abidin, M. Ali Vosoughi, Christopher Gange, Isabel O. Cortopassi, Gracijela Bozovic, Alexander A. Bankier, Kiran Batra, Yosef Chodakiewitz, Yin Xi, Christopher T. Whitlow, Janardhana Ponnatapura, Gary J. Wendt, Eric P. Weinberg, Larry Stockmaster, David A. Shrier, Min Chul Shin, Roshan Modi, Hao Steven Lo, Seth Kligerman, Aws Hamid, Lewis D. Hahn, Glenn M. Garcia, Jonathan H. Chung, Talissa Altes, Suhny Abbara & Anna S. Bader. npj Digit. Med. 5, 120 (2022).

Performance of Advanced Practice Providers compared with that of Physician Providers in Ultrasound-Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration of Thyroid Nodules and Superficial Neck Masses. Sergio Nicolas Paez, MD, Walter Zawacki, NP, Thea Nolan, PA, Stephan Wicky van Doyer, MD. Published: JVIR, September 06, 2022. DOI:

Cost-effectiveness of Response-Adapted De-escalation of Immunotherapy in Advanced Melanoma. Zachary Cartun, MD, Wolfgang G. Kunz, MD, MHBA, Lucie Heinzerling, MD, PhD, et al Dirk Tomsitz, MD, Anne Guertler, MD, C. Benedikt Westphalen, MD, PhD, Jens Ricke, MD, William Weir, MD, Marcus Unterrainer, MD, PhD, MHBA, Dirk Mehrens, MD. JAMA Dermatol. Published online October 19, 2022. https://doi:10.1001/jamadermatol.2022.4556