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Physician Thanks Dr. Andrew Bennett

Date Posted: Friday, July 15, 2016

UMass Radiologist Dr. Andrew BennettI wanted to send an email thanking Dr. Andrew Bennett for his assistance with iv access late yesterday afternoon. We had a critically ill pt admitted to the ICU with severe extremity contractures related to past anoxic brain injury was who hypotensive due to septic shock. After I spent over an hour trying to cannulate femoral, IJ, and subclavian vessels to no avail despite ultrasound guidance, I spoke with Dr. Bennett who came right over to assess the patient and mobilize the IR team to get a picc line placed in the left upper arm, cephalic vein. His assistance and willingness to help was tremendously appreciated.
Kimberly A. Robinson, MD, MP
Mass Lung & Allergy, PC
Director of Critical Care
Marlborough Hospital