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Kristen DeStigter, MD Presents Annual Smith Lecture

Date Posted: Friday, July 15, 2016
Dr.s Edward Smith, Kristen DeStigter and Max Rosen

Dr. Edward Smith with guest lecturer Kristen DeStigter, MD
and Department of Radiology Chair, Max Rosen, MD

The Edward Smith Lecture is held each year as part of the Radiology Graduation Day Program on June 16th. This year was the Ninth Annual lecture presented by Kristen DeStigter, MD., she is The John P. and Kathryn H. Tampas Green and Gold Professor at the University of Vermont and Interim Chair of Radiology at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

Dr. DeStigter's talk was titled What Happens When Radiology Residents Think Big and Act Globally.

Edward Smith was the long-time Chair of the Department Radiology.