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Young Kim Speaks at Conference in Mongolia

Date Posted: Friday, July 15, 2016

Dr. Young Kim attended the International Forum: "Liver Cancer Imaging and Intervention" which was successfully held on April 29, 2016, in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. There were 20 guest speakers with 167 doctors from all over Mongolia. Dr. Kim gave two lectures "US surveillance in the diagnosis of HCC" and "Role of CT and MRI in the diagnosis and management of HCC."
In addition Dr. Kim also gave three lectures to 168 radiology technologists in Mongolia on April 30, 2016. The topics included "Clinical Application: CT enterogram," "Clinical Application: CT Urography,"and "Clinical Application: Liver CT."

Mongolia has the world’s highest mortality rate from hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). In addition, most Mongolian patients with HCC are diagnosed at an advanced stage due to limited resources in health care. To address these medical issues Dr. Kim co-organized with Undrakh-Erdene Erdenebold, the president of the Mongolian Society of Interventional Radiology and a Fulbright Scholar, an international meeting with the agenda of “Liver Cancer Imaging and Intervention.”  The conference was to find the “Best Practice Model in Mongolia” with the objective of achieving sustainable and practical methods to tackle the high incidence of HCC in Mongolia.

To learn more about Dr. Kim's travels and his work in Mongolia, please visit this link.

Dr. Young Kim Liver Cancer Imaging - Mongolia

Dr. Young Kim at conferenc in Mongolia