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Date Posted: Monday, October 02, 2017


NAME(S): Staff   Area: Interventional Radiology

What is the problem/waste? Staff felt that they wanted more opportunities to learn about Interventional Radiology

Idea: Monthly Educational Sessions - Approval from Chief MDs to have a once-a-month late start (9a first case) so that staff members (RTs, RNs, and anyone else available and interested) can come to an Education Session.
The sessions will be put on by vendors (i.e. Stryker presentation done today on stroke treatment, providing CEUs), as well as local staff giving sessions (i.e. on Venous Sampling or less-common procedures).

Date the idea was implemented: 8/2/2017

NAME(S): Sheryl Szufat   Area: University - Diagnostic

What is the problem/waste? Signage for proper johnny dressing

Idea: Hung up laminated instruction in English and Spanish in all changing areas.

Date the idea was implemented: 8/3/2017

NAME: Second Shift  Area: University - Diagnostic

What is the problem/waste?  Not enough idea board facilitators.

Idea: Three more technologists are now idea board trained.

Date the idea was implemented 8/18/2017

NAME(S): Staff  Area: University - Radiology Admin

What is the problem/waste? Patients are not being informed about their anticipated wait times when they arrive for their appointments

Idea: Front desk staff will inform patients of their wait times based on which patient went in before them and how long that exam is anticipated to take. This will be the same when EPIC comes as the front desk staff will have dashboards to indicate wait times by modality.

Date the idea was implemented: 8/29/2017

NAME(S): Kara Wormell  Area: Memorial - Clerical Scheduling

What is the problem/waste? CT Techs don't know when their patients arrive

Idea: CT patients arriving for their scheduled appt. are brought directly down to the CT waiting room (which was previously used just for their prepped patients). CT does not have to call to the front to ask for the patient to be sent down. CT can now go to their waiting room to retrieve patient.  The front staff will monitor how many patients are in the waiting room, keep patients in the front waiting room when there isn't seating for them, and alert CT that a specific patient is in the front waiting area.

Date the idea was implemented: 9/1/2017

NAME(S): Stephen Giangrande   AREA: University - Interventional Radiology

What is the problem/waste?  VA team has trouble fielding calls from the picc pager when they are on the floor inserting picc lines.

Idea: The resource technologist will hold the picc pager Monday through Friday. This will allow him to field the calls, and request that the referring team send down the appropriate order. Essentially, he will be able to tee up the piccs while the team is on the floor. This should make an already efficient process even more streamlined.

Date the idea was implemented: 9/14/2017

NAME(S): Staff  AREA: University - Mammography

What is the problem/waste?   Specimen errors

Idea: Sandy McInnis came up with the idea of using 2 different colored specimen labels to differentiate between Right vs Left. Roxanne Boivin came up with a template for these stickers. The different sheets of labels are loaded into the printer and using the template made by Roxanne, the information needed on the stickers for Pathology is printed. Neon Yellow is for Left and Neon Pink is for Right. We have not had one Risk report since this was implemented.

Date the idea was implemented: 9/18/2017