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Thank You Radiology Staff!

Thanks and Gratitude to the Radiology Staff Who Helped Make Epic & AGFA Go-Live

Epic Thank you Epic GoLive-Memorial Epic GoLive-UnivER
Epic GoLive-UnivER Epic GoLive

Thank you to all the Radiology Staff, Technologists, Nurses, Physicians, Administrative Staff and everyone who helped with the GoLive transition to Epic and Agfa! We have tried to list all of the people in the department who assisted with this transition. Thank you!! WOWSER!

University Campus
Memorial Campus
Hahnemann, Westborough,
Barre, Tri River,
Marlborough, Health Alliance

Kuindersma, Diane - CT
Woeller, Christopher - CT
Levine, Micah - CT
Andrade, Victor - File Rm
Rivers, Julie - Rad IT
Giangrande, Stephen - IR
Frank, James - IR
McFadden, Kaitlin - IR
Moynihan, Mary - IR
Tonelli, Michael - IR
Fernandes, Paul - Nuc Med
McSherry, Brenda - Nuc Med
Nolan, Maria - Nuc Med
Lott, Victoria - Nuc Med
Johnson, Troy - Sched
Morse, Kimberly - Sched
Dhruva, Uday - US
Gorman, Beth - US
Laprade, Adina - US
Tefft, Cindy - US
Defalco, Lisa - Diag
Gacheru-Kinuthia, George - Diag
Helliwell, Jessicia - Diag
Jewers, Mya - Diag
Kelly, Andrea - Diag
Mosseller, Robin - Diag
Navin, Karyn - Diag
Niemi, Brianne - Diag
Oduro, Jerly - Diag
Pellegrino, Deborah - Diag
Rasmussen, Eric - Diag
Szufat, Sheryl - Diag
Johnson, Sandy - Mamm
Rollins, Virginia - Mamm
Easton, Aaron - MRI
Powers, Nicole - MRI Sched
Quinlan, Amy - MRI Sched
Sa, Mariah - MRI

Choi, David MD - Phys
Dill, Karin MD - Phys
Goldstein, Alan MD - Phys
Leeman, Joshua MD - Phys
Licho, Robert MD - Phys
Sena, Laureen MD - Phys
Tai, Ryan MD - Phys
Watkins, Jade MD - Phys

Bernard, Gail - CT
McKinnon, Robert - CT
Mysliwiec, Michael - CT
Cugini, Susan - IR
Lieske, Darlene - IR
Chambers, Kayleigh - Diag
Joslyn, Jessica - Diag
Lorente, Angela - Diag
Marrier, Amy - Diag
Mulcahy, Kristy - Diag
Sharp, Gretchen - Diag
West, Lisa - Mamm
Ghiz, Leslie - US
Menard, Tara - US
St.Clair, Donna - US
O'Malley, Elizabeth - Cler
Oquendo, Madelin - Cler
Wormell, Kara - Cler

Anderson, Linda - Diag
Bossman, Owusu - Diag
Rohan, Megan - Diag
Tollkuci, Elizabeth - Diag
Tucker, Lisa - Diag
Wester, Deborah - Cler
Rozzen, Pamela - Diag, BD, Mamm
Bielecki, Laura - Diag, BD, Mamm
Dingui, Julie - Mamm
Towle, Lisa - Mamm
DeMoraes, Shaina - Rad Coder
Ellsworth, Penny - Rad Coder
Brown, Diane - CT
Carey, Matthew - Diag
Baker, Beth - RIS-PACS
Miranda, Dianne - Mam, US
Tallman, Jeff - CT, Diag
Kraska, Deb - Mamm
Antunes, Bill - CT, Diag

Chaoui, Amin MD - Phys
Specialist Training  Credentialed Trainers
Lo, Hao MD
Agrawal, Jay MD
Vijayarghavan, Gopal MD
Mullen, Dan - Univ
Stein, Lee - Marlb
Tucker, Mark - Clint
MacPherson, JoEllen - HA 
Project Leadership Admin Support
Green, Kathryn - Sr Director Med Center
Brennan, Darren MD - Champion
Rosen, Max MD - Department Chair
Beaudoin, Steve - University
Amaral, Marcia - Memorial
Vailliant, Patricia - Health Alliance
Riggieri, Paul - Marlborough
Green, Janet - Rad Epic Implementation
Clark, Tim - Quality
Reynolds, Kevin - Quality
Merkelis, Vilma
McMurray, Mike
Carbone, Gabrielle
Delongchamp, Kathy
Emrich, Kelly
Flint, Jessica
Hughes, Linda
Wilson, Cindy
Zink, Ashley

We've tried to create an accurate list but please let us know if we have missed anyone so we can update this list. Thank you!