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International Elective

International Elective – Anatomic Radiology

This September the Department hosted the first student to pilot a new international elective - Anatomic RadiologyAnne Gilroy, MA, Associate Professor in the Division of Translational Anatomy created the course with a goal to offer the one month elective to a small group of international medical students from underdeveloped countries. “This elective will be offered to students in the final year of their studies and combines the resources of the UMass Department of Radiology and Integrated Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation (iCELS). The goal of this program is twofold: first to improve the ability of the student to interpret x-rays and ultrasound, since these are the primary imaging modalities available in underdeveloped countries and any expertise in even these simple techniques would have an immediate and significant effect on patient care; second, to expose the student to the value of more sophisticated imaging, such as CT and MRI, with the hope that with this knowledge and experience, they will act as a driving force in their native country to improve the future radiological capabilities.”

Jesse Colendo was the first international student selected. He attends the A. M. Dogliotti School of Medicine in Monrovia, Liberia, which has a long-standing relationship with faculty at the UMass Chan Medical School. Professor Gilroy created this elective as a response to the tremendous need she saw while teaching in Liberia.

The schedule for the student was structured around a review of basic anatomy and exposure to a full range of radiological experiences. Professor Gilroy and two 4th year UMMS students, Jessica Tolson and Matt Breen, worked closely with Jesse during the morning sessions, which focused on reviewing basic anatomy as it applies to interpretation of radiographic images. This included cadaveric dissection as well as the study of sectional anatomy, 3D imaging and clinical case studies using the Anatomage table. Afternoon sessions concentrated on clinical aspects of radiology with opportunities, coordinated by Chris Cerniglia, M.D., to observe and interact with radiology faculty and residents in the radiology reading rooms and participate in instructor-guided simulated ultrasound sessions using student volunteers.

International Student in iCELS

International Student works with Anatomage Table

Left: (top) Christopher Cerniglia, MD and Anne Gilroy work with international and UMMS students. (middle) Drs. Robert Lee and Young Kim review patient xrays with Jesse Colendo. (bottom) Jesse Colendo meets with Department Chair, Max Rosen and Course Director, Anne Gilroy. Right: Jesse Colendo explores anatomy with Anatomage Table in iCELS with UMMS Medical Students.

International Student in Radiology Reading Room
International Student with Max Rosen and Anne Gilroy