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School Service Awards

Ten in Radiology Honored for Years of Service

 Kathy Delongchamp Fellowship Coordinator Department of Radiology

Kathy Delongchamp will be honored for 40 years of service at UMass during an awards dinner on October 18. Kathy is the Coordinator of the Radiology Fellowship program.

Roger Craig, PhD in the Division of Cell Biology and Imaging is being honored for 35 years of service. Roger is a Principal Investigator, he and his lab study the molecular basis of muscle contraction using electron microscopy and image analysis.

Also being honored are:

20 Years
Petrus Pretorius, PhD
Greenfield "Kip" Sluder, PhD
George Witman, PhD

15 Years
Deborah Cochran
Jean Vigliotti

10 Years
Branch Craige IV, PhD
Yuquing Hou, PhD

5 Years
Suresh Gupta

Congratulations and thank you to all of these honorees.

George Witman and Roger Craig - UMMS Service Awards 2017
Left - George Witman, PhD (20 years), Right - Roger Craig, PhD (35 years) and wife Marie Craig.

Kathy and Norman Delongchamp - UMMS Service Awards 2017
Kathy Delongchamp (40 years) and Norman Delongchamp (Radiology 35 years school and hospital).

Deborah Cochran - UMMS Service Awards 2017
Left - Deborah Cochran (15 years) with Laurie Lizotte and Meg Bryron (Neurology Dept.)