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Job Title, Job Code and Department Name

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  • Job Title – Drop down list from which to select an existing job title or add a new title.
  • Job Code – Automatically populates based on the title selected. For a new job title, will populate with “New Title”. The job code will be created by HR Compensation.
  • Department Name – Drop down list with a selection of current department names. Choose “Various” if applicable to more than one Department.
  • L.U. – Labor Union code which will be provided by HR Compensation.
  • Grade – Will be provided by HR Compensation upon final review of the position description.
  • SBU – Strategic Business Unit (School, ForHealth Consulting, or MassBiologics). Choose “Various” if applicable to more than one SBU.
  • Manager/Non-Manager – Drop down list from which to select either “Manager – has direct Reports” or “Individual Contributor – No direct reports”.
  • Position Summary – This section should consist of a few (generally less than five) concise sentences summarizing the main purpose of the job.
  • Supervision/Direction Received – Identifies the person who will provide direct supervision to the employee.

Note – drafters cannot revise fields in the position description template that are shaded in grey.

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