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Medical Students Radiology Interest Group

Date Posted: Monday, March 27, 2017

The Medical Student's Radiology Interest Group met on February 27 in the Radiology Conference Room. The agenda for the meeting was for the senior medical students to provide advice to other students about applying to radiology residency. Each fourth year medical student provided an introduction about themselves – how they got interested in radiology, what they love about radiology, and a little about their experience applying for radiology residency. The meeting was then opened to a "Question & Answer” format with a lively discussion!

The Radiology Interest Group seeks to provide support for students interested in radiology. Faculty, fellows, residents and students can connect through discussions, lectures and Q&A sessions. Students will gain exposure to the vast diversity and wealth of opportunities in radiology.

Both Elizabeth Yuan and Ella Kipervasser, fourth year students in the photo below, worked with UMMS Radiology Faculty on several projects. We wish the graduates success in their training and careers as Radiologists.

The leads of the group next year will be: Matthew Breen, Evelyn Guerra, and Victoria Podsiadlo.

UMMS Med Students Radiology Interest Group

The students in the photo (Left to Right): Minh Phan (MS4), Matthew Breen (MS3), Victoria Podsiadlo (MS1), Evelyn Guerra (MS3), Elizabeth Yuan (MS4), Kristina Prachanronarong (MS3), Ella Kipervasser (MS4), and Hannah Lin (MS1).