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Patient Praises Memorial IR Team

Date Posted: Monday, March 27, 2017

Thea Nolan, PA Department of Radiology Thea Nolan, PA

IR Team Memorial Hospital - UMass Memorial Medical Center
Two members of the Interventional Radiology Team - Shannon Avedian, RT and Thea Nolan, PA

To Thea Nolan and my fabulous, talented, amazing, beautiful port placement team.

I came into UMass on 1/27/17 to have a port placed on my left shoulder to start chemo that same day. I was scared and nervous. I guess that is to be expected. What I did not expect was you and your team's positive attitude. The team was AMAZING. You made getting a port placed ACTUAL FUN! You made me laugh - really laugh out loud. You kept my mind occupied so I didn't have time to be scared plus I paid absolutely no attention at all to what was happening behind that blue drape. It was over and done with before I knew it had started.

Here I am two and a half weeks later. The port is placed perfectly and it has healed so nice that you can BARELY see a mark! I enclose a photo of me - on the off chance you remember me. More important - here is a photo of the port to show you how amazing you are. You can't even see it!

I work as a home health coordinator. I am surrounded by nurses who were anxous to peek at the incision. All of them are BLOWN AWAY by what a great job you did. I imagine that in your line of work - you rarely get thanks or a pat on the back by your patients. (I hope I'm wrong and that your are constantly told how fabulous you are!) I cannot express my thanks and how grateful I am enough. Your team did a FANTASTIC job - both with my physical and mental wellbeing. Thank you very much! Don't ever forget that you made a difference! One of the worst days of my life turned out to be better than I ever thought possible. All because of the awesome port placement team I was lucky enough to get.