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Residents Improve Observation Skills by Viewing Art

Date Posted: Monday, March 27, 2017
Radiology Residents Observe Art at WAM
Radiology Residents Observe Art at WAM
Radiology Residents Observe Art at WAM

The Radiology Residents recently participated in an Art Observation program for Radiologists developed by Dr. Andrew Singer. The goal of the program is to expand the observational, communication and analytic skills of the participants, all important skills for radiologists.

The residents initially reviewed a PowerPoint presentation and then completed a pre-test questionnaire, prior to a noon conference presented by Dr. Singer. Then small groups of residents visited the Worcester Art Museum and observed four paintings with museum docent Dr. Paul Steen, a retired internist and Dr. Singer. The WAM tours took place on March 2 and 23. The residents were given the opportunity to observe each painting, summarize their findings and construct the story depicted in the painting. This parallels the process of interpreting an imaging study and forming an impression of the patient’s condition.

While similar programs have been created for Medical Students, initially at Yale and now as part of the curriculum at over 30 medical schools including UMMS, this is the first program developed specifically for Radiology Residents. To learn more about the programs visit the websites below:

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