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ShoutOut to Lisa Towle

Lisa Towle RT (R )(M)
Lisa Towle RT (R )(M)

I want to give a shout out to Lisa Towle RT (R )(M). I was fortunate to have Lisa Towle agree to take over the MRI weekly QA and share in the biopsy rotation as well as work on Quality initiatives in our own department with Julie Dingui, RT(R)(CT)(M) two days a week. She was able to maintain her clinical mammo time the other two days. Covering MRI as you know had its issues and it was an added responsibility for Julie  but having Lisa involved allowed us to maintain the collaboration and free up Julie to take care of other business in Mammo. Its so nice when it all works out!

Marcia Amaral
Director of Radiology Operations, Memorial Campus

Lisa Towle recently announced, "The State performed their annual inspection and Shields MRI passed without any deficiencies. Thank you to all who help keep us compliant. Successful inspections and quality QA are the goal and always a team effort."