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Matthew Gounis and Ajit Puri

According to the Brain Aneurism Foundation, it is estimated that approximately 6 million people in the United States (1 in 50) have a brain aneurysm and that approximately 30,000 people (one every 18 minutes) will suffer a rupture each year. Moreover, brain aneurysms are most prevalent between the age of 35 and 60 with no signs of warning, afflicting women more often than men at a ratio of 3:2. Dr. Matthew J. Gounis, who serves as Professor at the UMass Chan Medical School Department of Radiology and is the Director of New England Center for Stroke Research, has more than 20 years of experience in stroke research and vascular imaging techniques.

“One of the fundamental problems with brain aneurism treatment is we have wonderful technologies being developed, but these device innovations are being hampered by limitations in imaging,” said Dr. Gounis. “If we can accelerate the availability of high-resolution imaging to achieve fuller detail, we can do better a job in efficacy of the treatment and generate better outcomes for patients.”

Dr. Gounis is collaborating with Sudbury, Massachusetts-based Gentuity, LLC to create a large imaging database and develop artificial intelligence (AI) processing methodologies, which they believe will catalyze new discoveries to improve the current understanding and treatment of brain aneurysms.

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