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Radiology Teacher of the Year

Dr. Lacey McIntosh was honored as the 2019 Radiology Teacher of the Year by the graduating residents during the graduation dinner in June. Dr. McIntosh has been instrumental coordinating the Comprehensive Care Conferences a multidisciplinary symposium series. Congratulations Dr. McIntosh!

Special note: Dr. McIntosh was also awarded the Best Educator Award from the Fellows in Hematology/Oncology on the same evening. Well deserved dual honors, Congratulations!

UMMS Radiology Teacher of the Year - Lacey McIntosh, DO
Graduating residents honor Lacey McIntosh, DO with the 2019 Radiology Teacher of the Year Award. Pictured left to right: Madison McKenney MD,
Robert Lee MD, Matthew Kona MD, Candace Potter MD,
Lacey McIntosh DO, and Bryan O'Sullivan Murphy MD PhD.