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Medical Student Israel Rotation

Medical Student Hana Haver Completes Radiology Rotation in Israel

Fourth year, graduating medical student, Hana Haver was the first to complete a rotation in radiology as part of a new collaboration between the University of Massachusetts and Samson Assuta Ashdod Medical Center in Ashdod, Israel. The hospital opened in 2017.

This trip has been a wonderful opportunity to visit this new hospital, Assuta Ashdod, and Dr. Morag has  graciously hosted me as a visiting medical student. I have gotten to tour the hospital, the department, get to know the residents and learn some radiology along the way. Last week, one of the residents Iyad took me on a tour of Jerusalem. It has been eye-opening to learn about medical education and radiology residency in countries outside of the United States. Already, I am looking forward to returning to Israel and figuring out how we can work with the team of radiologists and residents here in Assuta Ashdod.

Residents: Daria Volekok, Margarita Tkach, Yanna Shuldenfry, Iyad Farouki, Shelly Marks, Moad Arman, Michael Duberman

Faculty: Eyal Morag, Eugene Soikher, Alla Simonovsky, Inessa Minz


Hana Haver, MD, recently graduated from UMMS after her internship she will join the UMMS Department of Radiology Residency Program in 2019.

Hana Haver Rotation in Israel Hana Haver Rotation in Israel
Hana Haver Rotation in Israel Hana Haver Rotation in Assuta Hospital Ashood Israel
Hana Haver Rotation at Assuta Ashood Hospital, Israel Hana Haver with host Dr. Eyal Morag -Rotation in Israel