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Grand Opening Hospital in Iraq

Dr. Sarwat Hussain founding Chief Medical Officer IHH

Dr. Hussain Attends Grand Opening of Imam Al Hujjah Hospital in Iraq

At a graceful ceremony in Karbala, Iraq, Dr. Sarwat Hussain, the founding Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of Radiology, delivered an address.  On the afternoon of March 31, 2018 the weather was perfect in the front courtyard of the Imam Al Hujjah Hospital (IHH) for about 300 strong international gathering of dignitaries, donors, physicians and the IHH staff. The arena was tastefully decorated and equipped with 24 Ft video screen and state of the art audio system.  The ceremony started with the recitation from the Holy Quran followed by the speeches, and distribution of mementos to recognize major donors, facilitators and voluntary workers. 

In his speech Dr. Hussain articulated a vision for the IHH as “an institution that would help return Iraqi Healthcare to its glory days of 70’s and 80’s. Iraqi physicians from that era are currently holding important positions in the Western world.  This can be done by leading the way to introduce modern healthcare systems and processes in Iraq”. Other speakers included the founder of the Hospital Syed Murtadha Qazweeni and the current chief Medical officer. The keynote address was given by an eminent Middle Eastern scholar Syed Hassan. Others on the stage included the National Anthem by a local band and recitation of a motivation poem by local middle school girls. The ceremony ended with a conducted tour of the Hospital and a high tea.

Grand Opening Imam Al Hujjah Hospital in Iraq