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NAME(S): Jess Jocelyn   Area: Memorial - Clerical, Scheduling

What is the problem/waste? Many patients come to front desk for directions to other clinics

Idea: create handouts with walking directions to other departments.

Date the idea was implemented: 6/1/2018

NAME(S): Kevin Reynolds/Tim Clark   Area: Radiology Admin

What is the problem/waste? No visual management for CT Techs

Idea: Work with EPIC to implement visual management on the tech work lists

Date the idea was implemented: 6/28/2018

NAME: Kevin Reynolds  Area: Radiology Admin

What is the problem/waste?  Clinicians outside of UMass often order CT Pelvis without contrast when they should order CT Bony Pelvis

Idea: Create standard work for CT schedulers to update these orders

Date the idea was implemented 6/1/2018

NAME(S): Hilary Dupre and Linda Anderson  Area: Hahnemann - Mammography

What is the problem/waste? Did not have an updated contact list for the Doctors we support in the building.

Idea: Hilary went to all the doctor offices, and got the doctors and office managers contact information. This information was put into a word document and is easily available for all to us when needed.

Date the idea was implemented: 7/13/2018

NAME(S): Liz, Linda and Sharon Area: Hahnemann - Diagnostic

What is the problem/waste? Not a clear process put in place for leg length exams and the clinics

Idea: Spoke to clinic manager, outlined/defined the entire process and distributed to all staff, posted in areas that it is used frequently. This will alleviate any discrepancies and improve patient care.

Date the idea was implemented: 7/18/2018

NAME(S): Cindy Tefft   AREA: University - Ultrasound

What is the problem/waste?  Cluttered tray for Trophon supplies in ER Ultrasound utility room that shares with the ER staff as well.

Idea: Had a glove box and Sani-wipe holder mounted on wall leaving more space on tray.  Less cluttered.  Neater area.  More user friendly!

Date the idea was implemented: 7/18/2018

NAME(S): Kim Lewis   AREA: Hahnemann - Diagnostic

What is the problem/waste?  Not sure exactly what to ask interpreter while on the phone with interpreter services and patient

Idea: Created a sheet that defines the questions you should ask the patient while you have the interpreter on the phone to help stream line the process.

Date the idea was implemented: 7/19/2018