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Everyone is a Caregiver Award

Four Staff Honored at Hahnemann

Hahnemann Everyone is a Caregiver
L-R; Susan McGuire, Deb Wester and Linda Anderson

Recently four staff in the Radiology Department at the Hahnemann Campus were individually honored with the Everyone is a Caregiver Award! Senior Vice President of Operations, Alice Shakman presented the awards to Linda Anderson, Deb Wester, Robin Hounslow and Sue McGuire. The Everyone Is a Caregiver award by Eric Dickson, MD, President and CEO of UMass Memorial Health Care and Patrick Muldoon, President of UMass Memorial Medical Center. The Everyone is a Caregiver honor recognizes people for "playing an important part at UMass Memorial, everyday."

About the Radiology Honorees

Linda Anderson - Ever since I was hired here at Hahnemann, Linda has treated me and the rest of her staff with nothing but respect and makes the effort to make our work place flow gracefully and provide the best quality of care. Linda makes it a point to always be tuned into all that goes on with her staff and patient care here, even if she isn't on site. I have so many questions sometimes and Linda is always, always available to help me resolve my questions, issues or problems. Thank you for all that you do for your staff and for doing your job so well.

Deb Wester – Deb is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She always puts others before herself and never backs down from answering questions or helping in anyway she can. She puts up with a lot from patients and staff, especially when it is busy! Deb is a wealth of knowledge in her job and she does it so well. She goes over and beyond to help anyone and I am very thankful for her patience with me because I ask a lot of questions. Thank you for all that you do for everyone here! Your are such an asset to us!

Sue McGuire – Susan McGuire is such an amazing technologist. She has worked at the Hahnemann Radiology Department for many years and is wonderful with her patients. She works extremely well with the ancillary departments we support and she has always gone above and beyond in everything she does. The patients love her and continuously ask for her if she is not there during their next appointment. Sue is one of the kindest people you will encounter and her love for her profession shows in the work she does everyday. 

Robin Hounslow - Everyone is a Caregiver AwardRobin Hounslow – Ever since Robin was hired here at Hahnemann, the atmosphere around here has been changed for the better in so many ways. She runs around from floor to floor or patient to patient helping in any way that she can, whether it is changing patients, restocking rooms, helping put orders in etc. Everything she does with her time is helpful to the work flow and providing the best quality of care. Robin treats all of the employees with respect and kindness no matter what the circumstance is... Her quirkiness is something that we all get a kick out of and her respect for the patients and doctors and her work ethic is outstanding. I am so thankful to know her and have the opportunity to see all the positive energy she pulls our there at Hahnemann. Thank you for all your hard work Robin. Everything that you do for us is a blessing, thank you.