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Match Stats 2016

For the Class of 2016, 120 students went through the NRMP Match. Of that amount, 116students matched through the main match, which is a 97% match rate in an incredibly competitive year! One of our students matched through the military match and 4 matched in early specialty matches.

There is a terrific diversity of fields in which UMass grads are entering. 36 of our students are entering internal medicine/primary care, which is a record high for our university. Only 20 entered those fields last year! Pediatrics placed second highest with 14 students entering that field. There are 12 students going in to family medicine, and 7 students going in to medicine/pediatrics, which is up from 3 the previous year. 15% of our graduates (18 students) are going in to surgical specialties, 7 of which going in to general surgery. 5 of our students are entering the OB/GYN field and 7 students will be entering emergency medicine! In addition to all of this, we have students entering dermatology, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, plastics, and urology.

True to our primary care mission, 58% of students are entering fields of primary care – 62% if you count OB!

Fulfilling the university’s commitment to train physicians for the Commonwealth, more than half of this year’s graduates (66 students) are doing at least a portion, if not all of their training, in Massachusetts (55%). Among those 66, 24 students are staying here at UMass Chan Medical School! For the other 45%, we are continuing to grow in our diversity of places where UMass Chan Medical School graduates are known - certainly among the northeast, but also across the country to our friends on the west coast as well as Midwest and south regions. 

We are so very proud of the Class of 2016. They have accomplished so much during their time here at UMass Chan Medical School and we are excited to see them enter their residencies as the next generation of outstanding leaders in health care.