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UMass Chan Student Musicians Displaying Musical Talents in Arts, Caregiving, and Humanism Symposium

UMass has had a long tradition of cultivating students with musical and artistic interests. This April 29th, former and current UMass students are participating in a first ever city-wide symposium exploring the arts, caregiving and humanism. Organized in conjunction with St. Vincent Hospital, Reliant Medical Group, Music Worcester, Worcester District Medical Society, and the Worcester Art Museum, the symposium will feature music by current 2nd year medical students, Margaret Xu, Alyse Wheelock, and Hazel Briner. Former and current UMass MD/PhD students Cindy Lai and Amy Cheung have also been involved in organizing the symposium.

Artistic expression is a vital and constant characteristic of humanity. This symposium will explore the effects on art in healing through lectures, demonstrations, and participation in three areas: literature, music, and visual arts. Featuring lectures by music therapist, Kayla Daly; writer and English professor, Lucia Knoles; director emeritus of the Worcester Art Museum, James Welu; and UMass’s own Dr. Frank Domino as well as others, participants will learn about the power of art in providing comfort, healing, and remedy for those in need and those who provide the vital service of care.

Located at the beautiful and historic WAMSWorks building at 6 Institute road, this symposium is free for students and medical residents and open to the public. For more information and registration, please visit:

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