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Welcome to the iSPARC Webinar Series!

The iSPARC Webinar Series highlights new research initiatives, research findings, and more presented by leading experts in their fields. Here you will find recordings of recent webinars we have broadcast, along with information on upcoming webinars that we will be hosting.

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Featured Webinar

Re-Conceptualizing & Boosting Engagement for Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Needs in Community-Based Services

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Vanessa Klodnick, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., Youth & Young Adult Services Director of Research & Innovation at Thresholds

This webinar examines the complexity of service engagement for 18-25 year olds enrolled in multidisciplinary team-based services. Participants will learn that engagement is a process, experience, relationship and outcome. Findings from a study using mixed-methods to examine service exits and experiences will be discussed. New practice principles of young adult engagement will be proposed. This webinar has implications for direct care providers, state and agency administrators, policy makers and researchers who aim to boost engagement among vulnerable young adults through multidisciplinary, community-based treatment team models, including first-episode psychosis and clinical high risk for psychosis programs across the country.

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