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What is HYPE on Campus?

HYPE (Helping Youth on the Path to Employment) on Campus is a career development model that emphasizes educational and employment support for young adult college students with mental health conditions (ages 18-30, generally) to help them stay in school. Services are designed to bridge the gap between Disability/Accessibility Services, Counseling Services, and Career Services to enhance academic performance and build employment experience to better prepare this population for the competing demands of school and work.

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HYPE on Campus Now

Are you currently a Binghamton University student? Are you struggling? Does school feel overwhelming?

We are currently recruiting participants to a research trial that will test the effectiveness of HYPE on Campus at Binghamton University!!!!

Who can join?

Students who are:

  • Undergraduates
  • Age 18 – 30
  • Living with a mental health condition
  • Interested in receiving academic supports

What is involved? You will receive supports AND be paid to complete research assessments.

  1. You will be randomly assigned to receive
    • HYPE coaching services on a weekly basis for about a year or
    • A meeting each semester (for 4 semesters) with a person who will help you connect with on-campus support services.

**You have an equal chance of being in either group.

  1. Research activities

You would complete up to 5 interviews, and monthly text-based surveys to provide feedback on your experiences


August 2021 - December 2022


Up to $250 if all interviews and surveys are completed

Complete our survey to sign up! →
Download our flyer in pdf format
Download our text-based flyer

Recruitment video 1: Overview


Recruitment video 2: Meet the HYPE on Campus Providers!