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Rehabilitation & Recovery Reports Papers, Manuals & Books

All files are available in PDF format. Free PDF viewer available from Adobe.



Current Issues in Serving Adults with Non–ID Autism Spectrum Disorder and Significant Mental Health Disorders

Charlot - 2016


Recovery Learning Community Outcomes Study

Delman, Simon, & Albert - 2014



Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Peers Working Together: Assessment and Recommendations

John Delman, 2/6/13

  should_BPO_be_added Should Borderline Personality Disorder be Added to the MA Parity list of "biologically-based" disorders?

Foti, Palmer, Gunderson, Geller, Guy &  Smith - 2009




FIRST STEPS AND BEYOND: Incorporating Shared Decision Making in Massachusetts Mental Health Services Report and Recommendations from the 2009 Summit
Delman, Foti, Mistler & Skolnick


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Key Elements 

The Key Elements of Dialogic Practice in Open Dialogue: Fidelity Criteria 

Olson, Seikkula, & Ziedonis - 2014

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