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DeafYES! Multimedia

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Deaf Perinatal Study Summary (in ASL)
Creating the Capacity to Screen Deaf Women for Perinatal Depression
Melissa Anderson, Kelly Wolf Craig, and Nancy Byatt - 2019

Other Multicultural Multimedia

Sign here video thumbnail Sign Here: How to Conduct Informed Consent with Deaf Research Participants
Anderson, Riker, Gagne, Hakulin, Meehan, Pici D'Ottavio, Wolf Craig, Higgins, Stout & Cappetta - 2018



Phase 1 – Community Forums Deaf ACCESS: Adapting Consent Through Community Engagement and State-Of-The-Art Simulation
Melissa L. Anderson, Timothy Riker, Kurt Gagne, Stephanie Hakulin, Todd Higgins, Liz Stout, and Kelsey Cappetta - June 2017


Signs of Safety: A Deaf Accessible Toolkit for Trauma and Addiction
Melissa Anderson - 2016

Video -- Click on the closed caption button (CC) to see subtitles

SHINE Initiative's TV Show
Rosalie Torres Stone - 2016

Video: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Be Ready icon

Be Ready: Tips for Working with Deaf Individuals for Clinics, Hospitals, and Emergency Providers
Wyatte Hall, & John Lestina, Jr. - 2015


EngagingDearResearchParticipants Engaging the Deaf Community in Behavioral Health Research: Insider, Outsider, and Ally Perspectives
Wyatte Hall, Melissa Anderson, Marlene Elliott, & Douglas Ziedonis (2014)

Video -- Click on the closed caption button (CC) to see subtitles