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Archived Issue Briefs & Tipsheets

Adult Criminal Justice & Diversion

The Impact of Suicide Calls on Police
Feldman, Grudzinskas, Gershenson, Clayfield & Cody - 2011

Armed With an Attitude: Validation of the Mental Health Attitude Survey for Police (MHASP)
Clayfield, Fletcher & Grudzinskas - 2009

Community Reintegration of Persons with SMI Post Incarceration
Hartwell - 2008

Drug-Related Arrests among Persons with Serious Mental Illness
Fisher, Roy-Bujnowski, Grudzinskas, Clayfield & Banks - 2007

Copping an Attitude? Assessing Police Attitudes about Persons with Mental Illness
Clayfield & Fletcher - 2006

Protection of Vulnerable Populations: Research Involving Prisoners
Grudzinskas & Clayfield - 2005

Crisis Intervention and Risk Management Training for Police: De-Escalating Offenders in Crisis While Maintaining Public Safety
Clayfield, Grudzinskas, Richardson, Fisher & Roy-Bujnowski - 2004

Human Rights & Ethics

Confidentiality Uncovered: Why Peer Supporters Need Protection
Seligowski & Grudzinskas – 2009

Community Reintergration of Persons with SMI Post Incarceration
Hartwell – 2008

Institutional Review Boards: What Do They Do? How Do They Protect Subjects?
Jackson, Candilis, Garverich, Gellar, Lidz & Roach - 2008
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Can People with Mental Illness Consent to Research?
Lidz – 2006

Restraint and Seclusion: Can They Become Obsolete Practices?
Jovanovic & Johnsen – 2006

Protection of Vulnerable Populations: Research Involving Prisoners
Grudzinskas & Clayfield - 2005 

Juvenile Justice & Assessment

Adolescent Mental Health Gender Differences in Arrest Onset and Risk
Davis, Fisher, Banks & Gershenson - 2008

Lessons Learned: Facilitating Mental Health Screening in Juvenile Justice Programs
Williams & Grisso - 2006

Adolescents’ Competence to Stand Trial: Justice for Disabled and Immature Youths
Grisso & Vincent- 2005

Traumatized Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
Fletcher - 2005

Developing Mental Health Screening in Juvenile Justice
Vincent & Grisso - 2004

Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Systems: Responding to the Needs of Youth with Mental Health Conditions and Delinquency
Grisso, Davis & Vincent - 2004 

Parents & Families

Depression in Women During Childbearing Years: Causes, Symptoms, Challenges & Treatment
Deligiannidis - 2011

Family Networks Implementation Study: Integrating Rigor and Relevance in Effective Research Partnerships
Adams, Nicholson, Maciolek & Biebel - 2008 

Does Routine Screening Matter? The Prenatal Emotional Health Screening Project (PEHS)
Taub, Lundquist, Fletcher & Zandi - 2007

Families with Overlapping Needs
Hinden, Gershenson Williams & Nicholson - 2006

Mothers with Mental Illness Who Are Childhood Trauma Survivors: Implications for Policy and Practice
Nicholson & Albert - 2005

Strategies for Maximizing Medicaid to Fund Children'’s Mental Health Services
Biebel & Katz-Leavy - 2005

Wraparound Case Management for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance: A Qualitative Look at Caregivers' Experiences
Breault, Lewis & Taub - 2005 

Families Living with Mental Illness Nicholson, Albert, Bairos, Banks, Biebel, Clayfield, Gershenson, Hinden, Phillips, Stier, Williams & Henry - 2004 

Issues in Pediatric Prescribing of Psychopharmacological Agents: Perspectives of Pediatricians, Caregivers and Case Workers
Taub, Johnsen, Breault & Kravitz - 2004 

Serving Children at Risk of Out-of-Home Placement in Community Settings in the Commonwealth
Taub, Hinden & Gershenson - 2004  

Transition Age Youth

Treatment Retention Strategies in Transition Age Youth
Davis, Lidz, Fortuna, Fisher, Mistler, Haddad, Christiansen & Sheidow – 2012

Appealing Features of Vocational Supports for Latino & Non-Latino Transition Age Youth & Young Adult Consumers, Study Goals & Methods
Torres Stone - 2011 
 Also available en Español 

Crossing the Divide: Programs that Bridge Child and Adult Mental Health Services
Davis – 2011
 Also available en Español 

Tools for School: Accommodations for College Students with Mental Health Challenges
Costa – 2011
 Also available en Español 

TTYL: Keeping in Contact With Your Professional
Community of Practice, Northeastern Massachusetts - 2011 
 Also available en Español 

Adolescent Mental Health Gender Differences in Arrest Onset and Risk
Davis, Fisher, Banks & Gershenson - 2008 

Youth Transitioning to Adulthood: Effects of Different Population Policies in Child and Adult Mental Health Service Systems
Davis & Koroloff - 2005 

Supporting the Transition to Adulthood
Davis - 2004 

Multicultural Mental Health

Appealing Features of Vocational Supports for Latino and Non-Latino Transition Age Youth and Young Adult Consumers
Torres Stone – 2011

Pathways to Alcohol Use for Rural Latino Adolescents 
Torres Stone – 2008

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Consumer Involvement in Research
Garverich, Simon, Grudzinskas, McDonald & Grillo- 2008

Assessing Risk for Inappropriate Sexual Behavior: Advice from the 2006 Mentally Ill/Problematic Sexual Behavior Program Summit
Vincent – 2007

Estimating Frequencies from Multiple Source Data 
Aaker, Lidz & Simon - 2007 

Implementation Research: The Black Box of Program Implementation 
Woolsey & Biebel - 2007

Pathological Gambling: The High Stake Need for Treatment
Aaker - 2005 

Recent Research Findings from the Program for Clubhouse Research 
McKay – 2005

Use of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Outpatient Treatment 
Taub - 2005 

Assertive Community Treatment: Re-thinking a Tried and Tested Service Model 
King - 2004 


Addressing Tobacco Through Organizational Change (ATTOC)
Ziedonis – 2011

Integration of Primary Health Care and Wellness Services Into a Community Mental Health Center
Hobart – 2011

Spirituality in HIV+ Patient Care
Utley &  Wachholtz – 2011

Addressing Tobacco Use in Adult Mental Health Service Programs
McKay, Ziedonis, Seward, Williams, Bradley, Colburn & Rocheleau - 2009