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The University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) strives to catalyze our world-class basic research into scientific discoveries with high impact clinical applications and overcome the barriers in translating knowledge into clinical practice.

Established in 1970, UMMS has rapidly grown into a highly productive, highly collaborative research enterprise with outstanding scientific resources and facilities. The Medical School receives more than $280 million per year in research funding. Our research community includes a Nobel laureate, a Lasker award recipient, two members of the National Academy of Sciences, two members of the Institute of Medicine and seven Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators. Our research achievements have impacted the lives of children and adults in the US and across the globe.

The creation of the Advanced Therapeutics Cluster in the new 480,000 square foot Albert Sherman Center will harness the therapeutic potential of RNA biology, stem cell biology and gene therapy to benefit human beings worldwide.

Jane King

Jean King, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Biomedical Research; 
Professor of Psychiatry, Radiology & Neurology; Director, Center for Comparative NeuroImaging (CCNI)
Basic Research is integral to the overall mission of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. The Office of Research supports this mission by providing service and support to our researcher in the areas of sponsored research, regulatory compliance, research cores and information services.

Top priorities for the Office of Research include increasing UMMS's participation in large-scale funding initiatives, leveraging existing research strengths and improving the competitiveness of our researchers in their efforts to secure funding.

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