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  • Why Millennials and Gen Z Love Nostalgia & How it Impacts Mental Health

    Why Millennials and Gen Z Love Nostalgia & How it Impacts Mental Health

    Do you find yourself going back to your childhood favorite shows and movies like Wizards of Waverly Place, Mulan, or Max and Ruby? Maybe you find yourself playing your old games like Webkinz, The Sims, and Pokemon. It’s actually quite common if sometimes all you want to do after a long day of work is consume the nostalgic content you grew up with. But what we wanted to know is, what is it about nostalgia that soothes us? Why do we find comfort in the things from our past? Can nostalgia be intentionally implemented as a tool to help us cope with our stressors in life? Join us as we explore these questions and discuss our childhood favorites to hopefully give you your own dose of nostalgia for the day. 

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  • thumbnail of tip sheet

    Accommodations at Work: What Do I Need to Know? Tip Sheet

    This tip sheet explains what accommodations are, who they apply to, and provides examples of workplace accommodations that could be helpful for young adults, and others, with serious mental health conditions.

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  • thumbnail of comic transcript in copy

    Adulting Shorts: The "TEA" on IEPs Part 4

    This info-comic is for high school students to help them understand what an Individualized Educational Plan or IEP is, what transition planning is, and the importance of the student being involved in them. Part 4 focuses on Mateo leading his IEP meeting.

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  • gold megaphone shouting 2 new research grants

    Newly Funded Research in September 2023

    Transitions is pleased to announce that in September 2023 two of our researchers received funding for new projects. Please join us in congratulating Lourah Kelly, and Kathryn Sabella on these important research studies. 

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