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Technical Assistance / Consultation and External Funding Program

peoples arms outstretched with hands overlapping representing teamworkTechnical Assistance / Consultation and External Funding Program is responsible for providing basic and intensive technical assistance (TA) services to MA DMH and its contracted providers. The TA Program is the “practice arm” of implementation science, guided by the Active Implementation Framework of the National Implementation Research Network. 

iSPARC’s sub-centers, the Transitions to Adulthood Center for Research, Law & Psychiatry, Lifeline for Moms and the Center on Knowledge Translation for Employment Research all provide technical assistance and consultation to their respective communities of focus. 

Technical assistance activities are an extension of the research and training activities of iSPARC. Our intention is to collaborate closely with numerous stakeholders requesting technical assistance to produce actionable practice and policy agenda. 

The External Funding component of this iSPARC program is developing infrastructure and resources to build iSPARC’s capacity to provide fee-for-service TA, training, and consultation. The program’s goal is to leverage the expertise of our faculty and staff members to generate revenue and build growth.

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