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Tips and Tricks to Developing and Sustaining a Family Advisory Board

January 21, 2021
Marcela Hayes, Jean Wnuk, and Irene Grzybowski

webinar slides

In this webinar, you will learn the purpose and the value of utilizing Stakeholder Engagement Groups, such as a Family Advisory Board in your organization. We will share tools for successful recruitment of council members and strategies to keep your members engaged, even when meetings are 100% virtual. Finally, we'll describe our successes and challenges with the Transitions to Adulthood Center for Research's Family Advisory Board, with plenty of examples and specifics for you to use. We will share materials and resources developed by our Family Advisory Board (FAB). This webinar will be co-presented by our council co-facilitators and one of our FAB members.

From the webinar – Q. How could a Stakeholder Engagement Group help your organization?

  • It can increase our reach to families of children with disabilities
  • improve services & expand outreach/community awareness
  • Help to identify the highest needs for families
  • I want to use our parent reps in an authentic, real way
    Meaningful family engagement
  • Ways to utilize natural supports for individuals
  • Helping find appropriate referrals for home visiting program
  • Feedback to help agency grow
  • Assist in altering culture to be more family friendly.  How to help these stakeholders to take lead role
  • More opportunities for families to be involved in the organizations
  • More opportunities for creative ideas
  • Experience of the services received at DMH kids division


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Webinar Slides

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