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Hot Off the Press

  • webinar text and headshots of presenters

    Zoom Webinar: Enhancing Community Participation among Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

    Join us for a Zoom Webinar on Wed., June 5, 1-2:30 PM EDT. During this presentation, Drs. Kathryn Sabella and Elizabeth Thomas will provide an introduction to the newly established Center for Community Inclusion and Reflective Collaboration (CIRC).

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  • silhouette of head and shoulders wearing headphones

    Episode 17: Leveling Up Together: Gaming, Community, and Mental Health

    There is a stereotype that gaming is a waste of time, but this episode with Derek Lewis, a member of our Young Adult Advisory Board challenges that notion head-on. 

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  • gree advocacy ribbon

    May is Mental Health Month

    This year, members of the weSPARC Insight Advisory Board contributed their thoughts, feelings, and experiences on the topic of connection and the relationship between connection and mental health.

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  • K Sabella and E Thomas headshots

    Introducing the CIRC Center

    A new nationwide rehabilitation research and training center will focus on advancing community living and participation outcomes for young adults from disadvantaged, marginalized, and vulnerable populations who have serious mental health conditions. 

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