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Empowerment Through Advocacy Statements

The following video statements were created as part of the MHE & YOU (Mental Health Experienced & Years of Understanding) 2015 Advisory Council's campaign to recognize May as Mental Health Awareness Month.



Advocacy Statement 1
Sharon describes how empowering it is to provide and receive advocacy.


Advocacy Statement 2
Lisa and Jack discuss advocating for a clubhouse member to help him find employment.


Advocacy Statement 3
Mary talks about learning how to self-advocate.


Advocacy Statement 4
James talks about advocacy he received, how it’s helping him, and giving back by advocating for Massachusetts Recovery Learning Communities.


Advocacy Statement 5
Ismael is inspired by advocacy he gives and gets at Genesis Club.


Advocacy Statement 6
Laurel speaks about advocating for herself and then a friend to find employment.


Advocacy Statement 7
Greg talks about the role of advocacy in smoking cessation.


Advocacy Statement 8
Vesper on advocating for the Recovery Learning Community.


Advocacy Statement 9
Luis describes how people advocated for him when he needed help, which restored his feelings of self-worth.


Advocacy Statement 10
Claire talks about being homeless, getting housing and health.


Advocacy Statement 11
Jim Damiano uses advocacy to "get things done."


Advocacy Statement 12
Jason Dulac, a professor and therapist, speaks about the value and goals of self advocacy.


Advocacy Statement 13
Ken, a staff person at Genesis Club in Worcester MA, talks about advocacy and Clubhouse.


Advocacy Statement 14
Kari talks about advocacy at Genesis Club.


Advocacy Statement 15
Ted talks about the advocacy he receives from the Recovery Learning Community.


Advocacy Statement 16
Sarah talks about helping people to become their own advocates.


Advocacy Statement 17
Paul speaks about advocating for employment, housing and more advocating
for Genesis Club.


Advocacy Statement 18
Erica explains how she advocated for herself.


Advocacy Statement 19
Nancy Byatt, DO, MBA, FAPM speaks about how advocating for patients and programs can be very challenging, but also very gratifying.


Advocacy Statement 20
Meg speaks about how wonderful it was to have her sister there for her during one of the darkest times of her life. This is just one example of how important it is to have someone be present for another person when that person is experiencing a difficult time.


Advocacy Statement 21
Walter tells a story about advocating for his friend.


Advocacy Statement 22
Jeffrey is a staff person at Genesis Club, who advocates for the Clubhouse model.


Advocacy Statement 23
Jack explains advocating to his supervisors for Mary to be hired as a
permanent employee for MHE & YOU Advisory Council and SPARC


Advocacy Statement 24
Eric talks about what advocacy is like at Genesis Club.


Advocacy Statement 25
Meg talks about Austin, her rescued pit bull and how much life, love,
and compassion there is to share


Advocacy Statement 26
Denise Talks about advocating for women to attend meetings.


Advocacy Statement 27
A women told Jack his testimony was read on the floor of Congress, resulting in the grants that started the current public transportation system in her town.


Advocacy Statement 28
Tony talks about how advocating for Genesis Club Members and how that makes him feel.


Advocacy Statement 29
Patricia advocates for herself to further her education.


Advocacy Statement 30
Ed Sanborn on Peer Support & Advocacy as part of his work with a Caring & Sharing group at the Kiva Center, Central Mass Recovery Learning Community.


Advocacy Statement 31
A women told Jack his testimony was read on the floor of Congress, resulting in the grants that started the current public transportation system in her town.


Advocacy Statement Bonus 1
Jibrael, a Genesis Club staff person, talks about the process of advocating successfully and promoting self-advocacy for members.


Advocacy Statement Bonus 2
John talks about the advocacy his son received from a school counselor who helped him receive an IEP and placement in a school that was a better fit for him.

Jack Grillo

Advocacy Statement Bonus 3
Jack's way to advocate for Clubhouses was to become an accreditor for Clubhouse International. To date he has evaluated 23 Clubhouses. 

Deaf Yes 

Advocacy Statement Bonus 4
Using different examples, Melissa Anderson and Wyatte Hall discuss the importance of developing a communication plan between the medical team and a Deaf patient.


Final Advocacy Statement
A message from UMass Chair of the Psychiatry Department, Dr. Ziedonis & Conclusion of our Empowerment through Advocacy Campaign.