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Transition Age Youth Multimedia

Transition Age Youth

Comeback TV Episodes

Comeback TV (CBTV) is a show made by young adults for young adults about resources to help young adults with mental health conditions on their path to successful independent lives! We cover many topics of interest, including those on the theme of education and employment!

Other Multimedia

Employment and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions: Increasing Employment and Career Opportunities (Uses Adobe Connect)
Jonathan Delman- June 28, 2016
NASMHPD Archived Webinar Series
Download slides
  Having an Emotional Support Animal at College
Anwyn talks about her experience with having an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), Yoda, while at college. She also talks about the difference between a Service Animal, an Emotional Support Animal and a Therapy Animal.


Creating High Integrity Peer Support in Early Psychosis Programs
Sascha Altman DuBrul, MSW & Jonathan Delman, PhD, JD, MPH | June 22, 2018
The TA Network Archived Webinar
Webinar Slides

Youth Leadership Benefits Engagement and Resiliency (Uses Adobe Connect)
Amanda Costa & Kathleen Biebel - March 1, 2017
SAMHSA Archived Webinar Series
Webinar Slides


Improving the Health, Safety and Well-Being of Young Adults
Davis - 2013
Institute of Medicine video presentation


Transitions RTC Research Seminar Series: IPS Supported Employment for Young Adults with Serious Mental Illness: Four RCTs - by Dr. Gary Bond
Bond, Davis - 2013


Maryann Davis Televised Interview with Kim Bisset
Davis - 2012


Maryann Davis Interview with WBUR Radio
Davis - 2011
Website with link to Audio File


Transition to Adulthood 101 Part I: How Does Young Adult Role Functioning Differ From Adolescent and Adult Role Functioning?
Davis - 2010
Audio File


Part II: Psychosocial Development Milestones That Support Adult Role Functioning and The Need For More Evidence-Based Practices
Davis - 2010
Audio File

Thumbnail Image Young Adult Participation in Mental Health Services Research: Making it Real
Delman - 2010
Audio File