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Juvenile Justice & Assessment Presentations

All files are available in PDF format. Free PDF viewer available from Adobe.

Juvenile Justice & Assessment


Advancing from the "What Works" to "How to Make It Work: Applications of Implementation Science to Justice Supervision
Vincent - 2021


Probation Officer Assessments of Risk When the Youth Look Different: Contributions of SPJ to Concerns About Racial Bias
Vincent, Munoz, & Perrault - 2021


Screening & Assessment of Youth in Confinement
OJJDP Online University Webinar PowerPoint


Screening and Assessment Tools in Juvenile Justice: Best Practices
Vincent & Grisso - 2011
AAPL Conference Boston, MA 


Identification of the Serious Violent Offender Among Youth: Challenges of Risk Assessment
Vincent - 2011
Adolescent Brains and Juvenile Justice Conference for Judges and Attorneys, Phoenex Arizona


Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI) in PA
Vincent, Miller, Fritz & Rea - 2011
JCJC Conference


Savry Implementation in Louisiana: Use of Risk/Needs Assessments in Probation
Vincent - 2010
Together We Can” Conference, Lafayette, LA


Appropriate Uses of Risk/Needs Instruments
Vincent & Scali - 2008
Ohio Juvenile Defender Leadership Summet