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Parents & Families Reports, Papers, Manuals & Books

All files are available in PDF format. Free PDF viewer available from Adobe.


Supporting Parents With Mental Health Needs in Systems of Care
Friesen, Katz-Leavy & Nicholson - 2011

Disparities in Child and Adolescent Psychoactive Medication Prescription Practices by Race and Ethnicity
Fortuna, Fulwiler, Torres Stone, Smith & Biebel – 2008

The Invisible Children’s Project: A Family-Centered Intervention for Parents with Mental Illness
Hinden, Biebel, Nicholson & Mehnert - 2002

Critical Issues for Parents with Mental Illness and Their Families
Nicholson, Biebel, Hinden, Henry & Stier – 2001


 Creating Options for Family RecoveryCreating Options for Family Recovery: A Provider's Guide to Promoting Parental Mental Health
Nicholson, Wolf, Wilder & Biebel - 2014