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Program for Clubhouse Research

Included among the major initiatives at iSPARC is the Program for Clubhouse Research (PCR). The PCR, led by Colleen McKay, conducts research with clubhouse programs and other academic institutions. The PCR provides effective communication, technical assistance, and dissemination of information to considering participation in clubhouse research projects.

The Program for Clubhouse Research (PCR) was created in January 2000 through an affiliation between the UMass Chan Medical School and Clubhouse International in New York City.

The PCR maintains strong links with Clubhouse International, Genesis Club, an accredited international clubhouse training center in Worcester, and other clubhouse programs. The Program for Clubhouse Research has developed an international network of researchers and research stakeholders that includes partners throughout the United States and more than a dozen other countries.

Current Research Projects and activities conducted within the Program for Clubhouse Research:

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