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Parents & Families - Research You Can Use

Listening to Mothers Listening
to Mothers: What's Helpful for Mothers Experiencing Perinatal Depression
Byatt, Biebel, Debordes-Jackson, & Friedman - 2014
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Parents & Families - Research In the Works


Into the Light: Using Technology to Develop a Mother/Family Centered Peer Support Network
Hennig, Stone, & Nicholson  Journal of Parent & Family Mental Health - 2016
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PRogram In Support of Moms (PRISM) Research Study
Brenckle, Biebel, & Byatt 
Journal of Parent & Family Mental Health - 2016



Let's Talk About Parenting: Recovery for Parents Living with Mental Illnesses
Biebel, Nicholson, English, Guyer-Dreason, & Wixted - 2016
  vertical rule graphic  ChildTrauma The University of Massachusetts Medical School Child Trauma Training Center (UMMS CTTC)
Griffin, Wenz-Gross, Irsfeld, Forkey, Grisso & Post - 2013



ru4kids The Massachusetts RU4Kids Study: Using Evidence to Improve Medicaid Mental Health Services for Massachusetts Children and Youth
Nicholson, Leslie & Maciolek - 2011
  vertical rule graphic  Overcoming Barriers Overcoming Barriers to Addressing Perinatal Depression: Perspectives of Women
Byatt, Biebel, Friedman & Debordes-Jackson - 2012 


Parents & Families - Issue Briefs

Paternal Postpartum Depression
Biebel, & Alikhan - 2016
Journal of Parent & Family Mental Health
  vertical rule graphic   A Call for Comprehensive Psychotherapy Training
Carolyn Broudy - 2017
Journal of Parent & Family Mental Health



navigating Navigating the Complexity of Using Research in Policy and Practice Decisions
Maciolek, Biebel, Leslie, Debordes-Jackson, & Nicholson -2014
  vertical rule graphic  bullying_brief Childhood Bullying: Awareness, Interventions, and a Model for Change
Beheshti & Gerard - 2013



Intermediaries Intermediaries Promote the Use of Research Evidence in Children’s Behavioral Health Systems Change
Biebel, Maciolek, Nicholson, Debordes-Jackson & Leslie - 2013
  vertical rule graphic  depression_in_women Depression in Women During Childbearing Years: Causes, Symptoms, Challenges & Treatment
Deligiannidis - 2011



family_networks Family Networks Implementation Study: Integrating Rigor and Relevance in Effective Research Partnerships
Adams, Nicholson, Maciolek & Biebel - 2008 
  vertical rule graphic does_routine Does Routine Screening Matter? The Prenatal Emotional Health Screening Project (PEHS)
Taub, Lundquist, Fletcher & Zandi - 2007



families_with_overlapping Families with Overlapping Needs
Hinden, Gershenson Williams & Nicholson - 2006
  vertical rule graphic mothers_with Mothers with Mental Illness Who Are Childhood Trauma Survivors: Implications for Policy and Practice
Nicholson & Albert - 2005



strategies Strategies for Maximizing Medicaid to Fund Children'’s Mental Health Services
Biebel & Katz-Leavy - 2005 
  vertical rule graphic wraparound  Wraparound Case Management for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance: A Qualitative Look at Caregivers' Experiences
Breault, Lewis & Taub - 2005 



families_living Families Living with Mental Illness Nicholson, Albert, Bairos, Banks, Biebel, Clayfield, Gershenson, Hinden, Phillips, Stier, Williams & Henry - 2004    vertical rule graphic issues  Issues in Pediatric Prescribing of Psychopharmacological Agents: Perspectives of Pediatricians, Caregivers and Case Workers
Taub, Johnsen, Breault & Kravitz - 2004 



serving_children Serving Children at Risk of Out-of-Home Placement in Community Settings in the Commonwealth
Taub, Hinden & Gershenson - 2004 
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