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Moving Up - Radiology Academic Admin Staff Move

Date Posted: Monday, January 30, 2017

Academic Radiology staff is moving up. Ella Covello, Radiology Academic Administrator, and Kim Serra, Staff Accountant and Administrative Assistant for the Vice Chair and Administrator, recently moved from the second floor to the seventh floor. There they are joined by Jean Vigliotti who recently joined the Radiology Department along with Radiology's new Division of Cell Biology and Imaging. The new offices are closer to the Academic Radiology staff which includes several Radiology Research Labs, the Division of Translational Anatomy and the new Division of Cell Biology and Imaging which are located on the sixth and seventh floors of the Basic Science and Student Lab wings of the Medical School. Assisting them with the transition of the new Division is Patty Dolan, the former CDB Administrator. Ella Covello's new office is located in S7-111 and Kim Serra's is S7-109a and Jean Vigliotti's is S7-109.

Radiology Academic Admin Staff

Seated is Ella Covello, Radiology Academic Administrator. Standing left to right: Kim Serra, Accountant and Admin to Vice Chair; Jean Vigliotti, Administrative Assistant and Patty Dolan, Temporary Transition Resource