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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Date Posted: Monday, January 30, 2017

Below are a few recent comments from the Mammography Patient Satisfaction Survey's. Keep up the good work!


“Lisa was my technician - she was kind, professional and did a great job.”

“Professional, private and comfortable.”

“Julie was awesome! Experience much improved since last visit 4 years ago.”

"This was the easiest quickest mammogram ever. Everyone was super nice."

"Maggie explained each step thoroughly - if had to repeat instruction - done with kindness and patience."

"Very friendly. Definitely will come back."

"Kelly is exceptional - I tell everyone they should come here!"

"Very satisfied with receptionist, Leah and mammography technician, Betty! Thank you."

"This was WAY LESS uncomfortable than I've been told. Must depend on the technologist. Thank you Bonnie!"

"Wonderful staff, great location, wonderful in general."


"Danielle was exceptionally caring and kind. Nice personality! I walked in to ask if my mammo could be done here instead of tomorrow. All were happy and accommodating!"

"Not crazy about the TV. Violent images increase my pre-screen anxiety. :)"

"I love the gowns - got a soft pink cotton one that actually fit and was comfy!! Consider contacting a healthcare company to donate deodorant/antiperspirant samples for post visit use."

"Best place I've ever had this done, people were awesome."

"Robes are great! Much warmer."

"Mammo room very "patient friendly"... room comfortable temp, and flannel long-sleeve gowns a wonderful touch! Tech was awesome! Thank you!"

"Leah was wonderful. She does her job well. A+"

"Christine is a gem."


"Painless! Yay! Kelli was excellent - Professional, personable!"

"Courtney was very good to me. I have a defibrillator in my breast - also Marion - helped to xray the same breast. In the past it hurt me very much to xray my breast but it didn't hurt at all today - both techs excellent."

"Technologist was very friendly and polite."

"The receptionist did not smile or greet me. She could take note from the lobby pharmacy staff."

Ambulatory Care Center (ACC)

"Everyone was very compassionate and explained everything very well."

"Top notch - professional, compassionate. Couldn't make the experience any easier."

"Dr. Newburg, Robin and Lisa could not have done a better job medically or with bedside manner! They were great!!!"

"I have been coming here for many years and the experience, caring, and facility is excellent."

"1. Technologist was very nice and light conversation eased my anxiety. Thank you Lisa! – 2. Waiting area had all different size chairs. Now that is attention to detail! :)"