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Idea Board: January

Date Posted: Monday, January 30, 2017


NAME(S): Lisa Tucker   Area: Hahnemann - Diagnostic

What is the problem/waste? Patients did not have a hand sanitizer accessible to them in the Milford changing rooms.

Idea: Asked facilities to put hand sanitizers in each of the patient changing roosm so the patients could access them easily.

Date the idea was implemented: 12/2/2016

NAME(S): Tim Clark   Area: University - Clerical Scheduling

What is the problem/waste? Scheduling staff do not know who is the Resident/Attendings responsible for protocol of PILOT appointments

Idea: Add the Resident and Attending who will be responsible for the protocol to the new SharePoint daily Metric site

Date the idea was implemented: 12/19/2016

NAME: Sony   Area: University - Ultrasound

What is the problem/waste? Children "gift" after exam poor location for access

Idea: Sony put together trays for every ultra room cabinet which contains various types toys/stickers/fun items, for various ages that can be locked up and taken out at any point of exam for children to pick from. Great selection!

Date the idea was implemented 12/19/2016

NAME(S): Diane Beaulieu  Area: CT - University

What is the problem/waste? Clutter in the wall shelves by the GE CT

Idea: Went through all folders, discarded unnecessary forms, labels, all files. Now have neat shelves, one for Anesthesia, Nursing and CT staff. Looks organized and neat for inspections.

Date the idea was implemented: 12*20/2016

NAME(S): Carmen Yursha  Area: CT - University

What is the problem/waste? Not have Chest tube equipment in one place in case of emergency

Idea: Put together a bag that has all equipment necessary for the radiologist to get a chest tube in place. This alleviates running to five different spots to get all equipment.

Date the idea was implemented: 12/21/2016

NAME(S): Mike McMurray   AREA: Radiology - Admin

What is the problem/waste?  No report to identify days from Appt booked to Appt date.

Idea: Have Mike ALTER an existing report to help us identify the time difference between Appointment Booked On date to the actual Appointment Date

Date the idea was implemented: 12/19/2016

NAME(S): Tim Clark and Steve B.   AREA: Ultrasound - University

What is the problem/waste?  Patients not notified when there is a delay in the clinic.

Idea: Add door flags to indicated the current wait time. The registration (front desk) staff will be able to tell the current delays and communicate those to the patients

Date the idea was implemented: 12/28/2016