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Idea Board: February

Date Posted: Monday, February 27, 2017


NAME(S): Diane Beaulieu   Area: University - CT

What is the problem/waste? Patients do not know that Level 1 Radiology waiting room is for multiple modalities

Idea: Develop an informational poster that patients will see when they check in to inform them that the waiting room is for multiple modalities and that some patients may be seen earlier than them despite arriving later.

Date the idea was implemented: 1/9/2017

NAME(S): Tim Clark   Area: University - Diagnostic

What is the problem/waste? Door flags for communicating wait times are not labeled

Idea: Label the door flags

Date the idea was implemented: 1/9/2017

NAME: Brenda McSherry   Area: University - Nuclear Medicine

What is the problem/waste? Difficulty fitting large hospital beds into scan room H2-355. No access to 2nd door into room.  Door was taken out of use by facilities in 2014.

Idea:  A work order was submitted to facilities to assess the access to the door. Facilities evaluated the door and has put the door back into use.

Date the idea was implemented 1/11/2017

NAME(S): Tim  Area: University - Radiology Admin.

What is the problem/waste? Delays in transport of ED patients to ED CT/X-ray

Idea: The techs have a great deal of downtime when waiting for transport -- they can go get the patients themselves

Date the idea was implemented: 1/23/2017

NAME(S): Dianne  Area: University - Clerical Scheduling

What is the problem/waste? No signage for file room

Idea: Signs were created and were hung from the ceiling for the file room.

Date the idea was implemented: 2/1/2017

NAME(S): Ronda LaRiviere   AREA: University - Mammography

What is the problem/waste?  Patients were confused about where to go in the ACC building

Idea: Have signage put in the elevators. Patients would look on the 1st floor for the department and then forget when they got in the elevator. I reached out to Martha Boyd and she had signs made up and put in all 4 elevators at ACC.

Date the idea was implemented: 2/3/2017

NAME(S): Carolynn DeBenedectis, MD  AREA: University - Mammography

What is the problem/waste?  Some patients had high anxiety during stereotactic procedure

Idea: Have a CD player and staff brought in CDs to be played during this procedure in the background to help alleviate and stress & anxiety. Patients do enjoy this.

Date the idea was implemented: 1/2/2017