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Christopher Cerniglia -  New Director of Undergraduate Medical Education in Radiology

Date Posted: Monday, February 27, 2017

Christopher Cerniglia, DO, Interim DSF Co-Course DirectorIn a recent e-mail to Radiology Faculty and Staff, Dr. Max Rosen sent the following message: 
"It’s my pleasure to announce that Dr. Chris Cerniglia will be our new Director of Undergraduate Medical Education in Radiology. In this new role, Chris will serve as the interim Radiology course director for the Design, Structure and Function (DSF) course (FM 105), the integrated first year medical student course covering Histology, Anatomy and Physiology. (Permanent appointment to this position is via the Dean for the 2018 AY). Chris will also be responsible for coordinating all medical student activities related to Radiology.  I have asked him to work on an integrated curriculum for the 4 years, as well as working with the school IT group to develop an IT platform for all Radiology medical school educational content. Working alongside Dr. Carolynn Debenedectis (Radiology Residency Director) and Dr. Gopal Vijayaraghavan, (Director of Radiology Fellowships), Chris will represent our medical school portfolio on our Radiology Education Committee.
I would like to send my great thanks and appreciation to Dr. Christine Wallace for her work as the medical student clerkship director over the past years.  Christine will continue to be involved in medical student education, as she and Dr. Adrienne Newburg continue to work on revising the curriculum for the third year Radiology FCE.
I am pleased to announce that Dr. Steve Baccei will become our new director of the MSK division.  As you know, Steve has been a member of the MSK division for seven  years, and has worked closely with Chris during this period. Steve will also continue in his role as vice-chair for Radiology Quality & Safety."

Dr. Cerniglia - Medical School lecture
Dr. Christopher Cerniglia presents a lecture to the Design, Structure and Function course for first year UMMS medical students.
Dr. Cerniglia discusses anatomy with Med Students
Dr. Cerniglia discusses radiology anatomy with medical students.