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Superheroes Wear Scrubs

Linda Lopez - Superheroes Wear Scrubs
Linda Lopez with her Superheroes Wear Scrubs tribute wall

Radiology Ambulatory Services Rep, Linda Lopez wanted to do something that recognized Radiology staff who are on the frontlines every day. Inspired by her colleagues, Linda created a Superheroes Wear Scrubs wall that hangs in the first floor of the Radiology Department on the University Campus. Linda posed and took photos of masked frontline staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. Then collected images of many of the staff she was unable to photograph. Linda edited the images in Photoshop, then printed and posted the wall of Superheroes! What a great tribute Linda, Wow! 💥💝

If you're unable to visit the Superheroes wall, you can see Linda's superhero creations in the slideshow below.

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